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Monday, July 28, 2014

A Man Was Arrested Stalking Rihanna

Kevin, 53, was taken into custody after leaving threatening notes at star's rented New York home. The man was charged with stalking, menacing and harassment and held without bail after writing string of insulting notes and delivering them twice on July 8 and July 11. Rihanna forced to put her sprawling estate in Pacific Palisade on market in May after just owning it for a year. The stay hitmaker was put off living at house, as stalkers kept showing up unannounced. The star secured a tree year restraining order against Steveland Barrow in March 2013, after he broke into the property next door which he wrongly believed to be his home.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

ISIS Mujahids In Iraq Ordered Genital Mutilation Of All Women Between The Age Of 11 to 46 Years

ISIS Mujahids in Iraq have ordered that all the women between the ages of 11 to 46 must undergo genital mutilation, which could affect four million women girls in the war-ravaged country. The genital mutilation is unusual in Iraq and is only practiced in certain isolated pockets of the country. The Islamic state, formerly known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIS), took over large swathes of the country last month and has begun imposing Slafist interpretation of Islam. The UN official said only 20 famililies from Christian minorities remain in Mosul, most of them have reportedly fled to Kurdish-controlled territory. UN official said some Christians have converted to Islam while others have opted to stay and pay the Jazya (tax on Non-Muslims in Islamic State).

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sadden Sania Mirza Faces Troubles Alone Over Her "Indian-ness"

Tearful India tennis star Sania Mirza being questioned over her 'Indian-ness', after marrying a Pakistani cricketer seems to face all the troubles alone as her husband Shoib Malik is busy in playing Carribeabn Premier League with no comments on Sania's status till yet. Sania broke down while talking to Indian media, said that " I will not let anyone question my Indian-ness", as BJP leader Laxman harshly criticised her tagging her as 'daughter-in-law' of Pakistan. But Shoib is silent yet despite harsh high-level criticism on his wife. Shoib is also been unresponsive over series of tweets by Sania in order to show her patriotism for her country besides being a wife of Pakistani. Why Sania Mirza does not shift to Pakistan and get Pakistani citizenship and play for Pakistan.?

An Israeli Agent Pakistani Supports Israel In Israeli Media

A Pakistani journalist, Malik Zameer Hussain Awan (but with out Zameer, concious), a name that is shame for Pakistan and the Muslims, has written a letter in Israeli newspaper 'Jerusalem Post, supporting Israel on Gaza issue. The letter has attracted a great attention and is fast becoming an engaging story. In this letter claims that Muslims pay no attention when it comes to the Islamic state of Syria and Iraq's (ISIS) adventures in Iraq and Syria and other parts of western Asia. The writer says that Muslims have dual standards. The writer thinks Hamas is a terrorist organisation in a way and one should understand the right of defence and Israeli point of view. BaZameer! why you forgot th right of defence of Palestinians, massacre in Gaza of children and other civilians. The occupant of Palestinian land and attacking every day with shelling by planes, missile attacks. Israel is the Greatest Terrorist in the world, alas! Hitler did not kill all the Jews. This article has sparked a debate among the Israeli masses. But Ba Zameer has found a new forum to gain fame and popularity.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Married Man Turns To Be A Woman Biologically

A man who went to his doctor complaining of stomach cramps came away with a diagnosis he most certainly was not expecting. Upon examination it was revealed the man, identified as Mr Chen had female genitals and he was experiencing period pains. Mr Chen visited doctor complaining of pain in his stomach and blood in his urine, along with other symptoms including fatigue, swelling in legs and on face. In hospital he underwent CT scan which showed married man Chen had ovaries and a uterus. Confused doctors then performed a chromosomal examination which showed Chen had a pair of female XX chromosomes. The moment that really confirmed the diagnosis, when doctors found man did not have Adam's apple or male genitalia. Doctor said the he was wearing men's clothes and had short hair, so we did not thonk he would be a female at the beginning. Mr (Mrs? ) Chen said he had had sex with his wife, a claim that doctors at the hospital now say they doubt was true.

Pakistani Swimmers Get Third Position In Commonwealth Games

Pakistan's swimmer Israr Hussain got third position in first heat of 400 meter free style swimming while Lianna Swan also got the third number in 50 meter breaststroke swimming in the Commonwealth games at Glasgow. Israr completed his distance in just 4 minutes and 31.76 seconds while woman's swan accomplished her distance in just 35.72 seconds. Australia defeated Pakistan by 12-19 score in first match of Lawn Bowls in the the Commonwealth games 2014.

Kamran Khan Leaves Geo News Channel

After Hamid Mir and Aamir Liaqat Hussain, now, Kamran Khan, the last of the big three in Geo channel is leaving it. This news broke out like fire in the forest Thursday when Kamran Khan announced that he is leaving Geo TV, where he hosted famous show, "Aaj Kamran Khan Kay Sath." (Today with Kamran Khan). Even bigger news is that he is joining rival "Bol" channel. It is worth mentioning that in April defence ministry had demanded that licence of Geo Tv should be suspended after it accused ISI trough Aamir Mir, being behind the incident of Hamid Mir. The Geo was taken off air in most of the country and it was a rumour that Geo will be cut to size so that top journalist leave the channel. Now after the departure of Aamir Liaqat and now Kamran Khan the rumours seems true. Kamran Khan was emotional in his last show. Now let us see how does he start his new show.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

BJP Leader Questions Sania Mirza's Credentials As Brand Ambassador Of Talangana

Talangana BJP leader K Laxman called Sania Mirza as "daughter-in-law" of Pakistan and questioned her credentials to be the brand ambassador of Talangana. Sania was born in Maharashtra and settled in Hyderabad only later, and hence is a 'non-local', he said. The 27-year-old tennis star has never participated in agitation for a separate state of Talangana, said Laxman . who is leader of BJP in Talangana Legislative Assembly. He accused government of taking step with an eye on the minority community votes for the up coming elections to the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao appointed Sania as brand ambassador of Talangana and described her the daughter of Hyderabad. "Talangana is proud of Sania who is true Hyderabadi, She now ranked number five in international tennis and we wish she becomes the number one," said chief minister in a ceremony. Reacting to the incident Congress described BJP leader's statement against Sania as "bizarre". The TRS government had decided to appoint tennis star Sania as brand ambassador of the newly carved-out state.

Israelis are Devoid Of Humanitarian Principles

Though the world knows that Jews have no humanity, no norms, no humanitarian principles, but the world must take notice of the dirty mentality of one of the Israeli professor who said," The only way to force 'terrorists' to think twice about their actions is the threat of rape of their sisters and others." Can these be the words of a mentally normal human being during this computer age.? Israel has killed more than 700 Palestinians, mostly civilians, innocent children and women. But when only two of Israeli kids were killed, it started crying and barking like mad dog. Is the world unaware of the acts Israel is performing. But, who will defend Palestinians, Muslim World is sleeping, USA is dominated by Jews and other countries do not want to make USA angry.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hitler Rightly Claimed To Be The Benefactor Of Humanity

Hitler had written a letter for the coming generations, before committing suicide. In the beginning there was no ban on the letter. It was a short but expresses reality. Though these are not the original wordings but it meant as follows," I know history is always written by conquerers. I know the history that my opponents will write they would present me a cruel, killer and mad man. I will be accused of genocide. I confess that I always considered jews as enemies of my nation and I treated them as enemies are treated. I am not ashamed of this act. This generation has not only enemity towards German nation but it is enemy of all the nations. They will always be risk for peace in the world. I hope that future historian will definetely give me credit for eliminating 50 % of the risk. But remaining 50 % or more will always remain risk for the humanity. I forecast if third world war started it will be due due this degraded and bad-natured nation." It is not necessary for everyone to agree to this view point, but the events of last six decades clearly show that the terrorism environment, gruesome activities and war like seemed in the world has the fire which Israel has ignited in the Middle East since last two decades. If world did not stop the atrocities and brutalities of Israel the world will see the most destructive era of the history.

Woman Embraces Islam A Day Before Her Death

A woman who had married to a Muslim embraced Islam while fighting to cancer in Abu Dhabi hospital. The wife of Muslim man earlier stuck to her religion which is unknown till yet, had converted to Islam in hospital. According to reports, woman declared incurable due to severe level of cancer spread throughout in her body had been taken to bed rest completely. Husband of the lady made another successful attempt to convert her into his religion via calling calling Abu Dhabi judicial department to send a woman for making his wife aware of Islamic principles. The lady passed away in hospital just a day after her acceptance of Islam, however, her husband visited judicial department in order to say thanks to the woman whose teaching led her wife to accept Islam. The report revealed that her husband respected her decision and never made any enforcement until she told him about her wish to be a Muslim Woman.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Myo Armband Will End The Era Of Computer Mouse

The internet is falling hard for a new hands-free gadget that lets you control your computer without a mouse. A startup called Thalmic Labs is on the verge of releasing a Myo, an armband that allows you to interact with a computer through motion commands. Sensors in the device measures the motions and electrical activity of person's arm, allowing it to figure out the specific hand gesture someone is making. The device will come with some preprogrammed commands, such as mouse click, a double click and scroll. The one-size-fits-all armband is supposed to work with Windows, Mac, iOS or Anroid devices. While motion tracking technology is not anything new, it is worth noting that Myo technology differs from, say, Microsoft Kinect, because it does not have a camera constantly watching your movements. The tech website Digital Trends said that Myo," makes using Kinect look like drunk charades."

French Social Media Filled With Anti-Israel Messages

French government's ban on anti-Israel protests has created an outrage on social media and moderators of these sites are forced to remove 95 % of the comments from the sites which have literally turned into anti-Israel forums. Moderators of French websites have been overwhelmed by a storm of hatred over the Israeli incursion into Gaza. A representative of these companies said that without moderation these hate message would invade everything because they breed followers rapidly.

Monday, July 21, 2014

A Nine Year Old School Boy Marries For The Second Time

According to a Daily Mail report, the nine-year-old boy, already cited as the world's youngest grooms has married his wife again. His wife is 62-year-old woman. In the picture boy can be seen clutching the hands of Helen and repeating their vows. The duo first married one year ago, but are following South African traditions which involves second ceremony. The boy is believed to have originally tied the knot with the old bride after claiming he had been told by his dead ancestors to do so. His family agreed despite the villagers branding this act as 'sickening'. The family defended the union saying it was just a ritual not the legal binding. The couple have neither signed a marriage certificate not they will live together. Both have gone back to their normal lives. Helen has husband, 66, and five children.

Chilean Government Takes Practical Steps On Gaza Issue, Shame For Muslim Countries

Latin American country Chile has beaten all the Muslim countries over Gaza issue by taking a practical step rather than mere talk. Yesterday Chilean confirmed that they had suspended Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations with Israel and they were considering complete withdrawal of its ambassador to Tel Aviv in protest against Israeli bombing compaign on the Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip (Long Live The Chilean government and the people of Chile, Shame on part of Muslims). It is worth mentioning that earlier Chilean government issued just a statement of condemnation like all the Muslim countries but Chilean deputies and senators went to the Foreign ministry and demanded a stronger position against Israel regarding its actions in Gaza strip. With the number of victims of Israeli attack passing 300 mark, parliamentarians of all backgrounds demanded strong and urgent action by the Chilean government. So, Michelli Bacheler's government decided to take a stronger action to uphold a human cause. Activists calling for the boycott of Israel can hope now that example set by Chile will the way for other countries to do the same. Chilean senators and parliamentarians' efforts are appreciable for the oppressed Palestinians. Can Muslim countries, friends of Israel take lesson from Chilean government's practical steps.? Can Taliban stop killing of innocent Muslims in Pakistan and go to help Palestinians?

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Global Slogan Of Hatred Against Israel

Anti-Israel protesters in west have invented a new slogan to show their hatred towards Israel's invadion and now all global protesters are using this slogan. The slogan says," In our thousand, in our millions, we all are Palestinians." This slogan was heard in Uk two days ago and within two two days it has gone global and now people right from Sydney to Latin America are using this slogan. It is a sign that global anger is growing now and it is definetly taking a shape and direction where people want to show solidarity with the oppressed. It should be mentioned that the number of protesters in the world against Israeli aggression and ground offensive will grow further.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Turkey Has Real Sympathy With Palestinians Than Other Muslim Countries

Turkey and its people feel real pain against Palestinians for the massacring of innocent Gazaians and help practically as much as they can. It was Turkey and its people who sent Flotella ship with food items to Palestinians and sacrificed its courageous people. What did OIC and other Muslim countries do? Arab countries are so scared from Israel and USA that they even can not raise weaker voice against the brutalities of Israel. Kings and princes remain busy in saving their their thrones. However, Pakistanis always protests against Israel attacks, but governments does nothing except verbal statements. Erdogan rightly said that Israel has Hitler's mentality when it says that Palestinians must die. According to new reports Israel is using chemical weapons and white phosphorous in the Gaza in its air strikes. Where are the Human Rights organisations? Who seriously take issues of a woman molestated in Pakistan but doing nothing against Israel's brutalities? It is because all Human rights organisations consists of Jews, why would they do when Muslims themselves do nothing.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Leaders Raising Slogans To End Load Shedding In Months Could Not Do So In Years

The promises to the simple people in election slogans by those who are in power now to end electricity load shedding in six months could not eliminate it in one and a half year. Instead, the load shedding duration has been increased and it is done even during Iftar and sehri timings in the holy month of Ramazan. Those who do not give the poor people right of existence are constructing Metros and and planning to ply bullet trains and and speedy bus service, for whom? for the empty belly people who can not make two ends meet. What is its use of these luxuries for the public when they do not find food items because they have no money to buy. No basic amenities, no hospitals for treatment. Who will benefit from motor ways and who will be benefited from its construction. Those steel mill owners who will provide theses things for building of roads. Who have steel mills in Pakistan? Rulers are cursed by fasting people specially at Iftar and Sehri, how would they protect themselves from Azab e Ilahi? The lives of Pakistanis were so troublesome during previous regimes ( not that of PPP) but those of dictators. Now the people are in trouble and during martial laws present and former rulers are in trouble. People praise the reign of Musharraf and Zia ul Haq. No body seems to have soft corner for at least present rulers, except those are getting advantages personally.

Israel's Cruelties In Gaza Continued, Muslim Umma Is Silent

The death toll killed by Israeli air strikes in Gaza rose to nearly two hundred including all the civilians, children and women. Israel begins air strikes on Gaza strip making any excuse to massacre Palestinians and when its single soldier is wounded it tries for the ceasefire. Its this routine killings of unarmed Palestinians has been continued for years. It also starts economic blockade of Gaza. The Arab states around Israel can drown it with one spit if can dare, but slaves of USA have no courage. OIC just convenes one formal meeting and calls both side to stop firing but does not blame Israel for the initiation of firing and killing innocent Palestinians. Hamas has rightly rejected Egyptian truce that favours the aggressive Israel not the Palestine. They do not press Israel to lift economic blockage of Gaza. Other Muslim countries do nothing but only condemning Israeli aggression verbally. The Hamas spokesperson has rightly said that the Egyptian truce id " an initiative of kneeling and submission".

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pakistani Women Enslaved In Dubai Sex Trade

Zunera once dreamed of becoming a computer engineer. Instead, aged 16, she was tricked into prostitution in UAE, beginning a four year nightmare of cruelty, violence and rape. Pakistan as long been an important source of cheap labour for Gulf states, particularly, its booming construction sector. But compaigners and officials say hundreds of Pakistani women are also trafficked every year to supply the thriving sex trade in brothels and nightclubs of Dubai. Zunera ans her sister Shaista were two of them.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Defeat In World Cup Sparked Protests And Riots In Argentina

Germany defeated Argentina 1-0 to become World Cup champion for the fourth time at Rio de Janeiro's famous Maracana Stadium. It did so courtesy of a winner deep into the extra-time from substitute Mario Gotze, who displayed a brilliant piece of skill to decide a contest of high quality. Mario scored a superb extra-time winner as Germany beat Argentina 1-0 to become first European team to win a World Cup held in South America. The 22-year-old took the ball down before volleying past Sergio Romero in Argentina's goal to spark delirium in the pro-German sections of crowd. The decisive moment of a World Cup brimming with wonderful goals came with penalties looming in front of 74,738 fans. Despite Argentina carving out several gilt-edged chances during the opening 90 minutes, Aljendro Saballa's side failed to get one shot on target with Gonzalo in the first half and Messi at the start of second dragging shots wide when well placed. On other side riots broke out in the capital of Argentina Buenes Ires, on the defeat of the country. Clashes are going on between the police and protesters, who are outraged on the defeat. Police used water cannon and tear gas. Forty police officials have been injured while 40 protesters have been arrested.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Stars Who Correctly Predicted Their Own Deaths

*-- Tupac Shakur:-
Lyrics! "I been shot and murdered- can tell you how it happened word for word, but best believe n- s gone get what they deserve" This song was released two months before Tupac Shakur was gunned down in a drive-by shooting on hat Las Vegas strip in 1996. His murder is still unsolved. *-- Notorious B.I.G.:-
Lyric! "I swear to God like death is f-king calling me" raps the Notorious B.I.G on 'Suicidal Thoughts'. Of course. the Brooklyn, N Y bred MC did not commit suicide, but death find him when he was killed during drive-by shooting in Los Angeles in 1997. His posthumous album title: "life After Death".

Pakistani Lawyer Declared Lawyer Of The Year In USA

Zarrar Sehgal, a Pakistani lawyer living in New York, has been declared, " lawyer of the year of team of the year 2014", by Legal 500. On July 02, Zarrar won the top award of the United States legal field in the finance category "Assets Finance and Leasing". Earlier Zarrar Sehgal had been nominated by the US Chamber Law Directory as among the top 10 individual lawyer in "Assets Finance" in a Band 1 category, Clifford Chance USA, a law firm where Zarrar is serving as Head of Logistics and Co Head Assets Finance. In 2013, Zarrar set a record being the first person under 40, and first Pakistani to achieve the distinction of being among the US top 10 lawyers in the assets finance category Band 1. Zarrar was selected as young global leader (YGL) by the prestigious World Economic Forum in 2010. He is also the President of Citizen Foundation USA. Zarrar also voluntarily provides legal help to indigent people.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Meera's New Boyfriend In America After Captain Naveed

After the Bengali girl causing confrontation between captain Naveed and Meera, the friendship of Meera with Pakistani American doctor Asad has also been revealed. The friendship of Dr Asad and Meera started during the hospital project for which dr Asad donated $ 25,000 and also assured Meera to help in completing the project. During stay in USA, Meera stayed with Dr Asad for which clashes developed between Meera and her so called husband. Dr Asad had once sent for Meera to USA and Provided her first class ticket. As usual Meera denied any close relationship with Dr Asad. It is enough for Meera that she remained a few months with Naveed now she needs change of taste, which is the habit of pros like her.

Constables Dismissed For Plucking Guava From PM's Garden

Two constable Abid and Saifullah of Punjab police deployed at the Palace of Nawaz Sharif have been dismissed from service due to committing "serious crime" of plucking 'precious' guavas from the garden of PM. The security officer caught them while plucking the guava fruits from tree at Jati Umra, residence of prime minister in Raiwind. He filed a complaint against them to higher authorities who dismissed them from job. As already we know that earlier this year, 27 police men deployed at PM's palace in Jati Umra were suspended when wild cat killed some peacocks. Jati Umra residence covers an area of 400 acres and almost 2,000 police men have been deployed on the Raiwind road leading to PM's farmhouse. The 29 constables should thank Allah that they were not handed over to firing squad for the henious crimes because the PM's "Guavas" and "peacocks" are much more valuable than the lives of police men because are among the common people who have no value in the eyes of kings and princes.

Indian Students Have Designed Jeans That Can Save From Gang Rape

Neither men nor Indian government is ready to stop gang rapes in India, due to these reasons Indian women are very much terrified. Women themselves have designed a jeans that can stop sex attacks. Two students belonging to Varanasi city, 21 year old Diksha Phatak and 23 year old Anjali Srivastava designed a jean with small electronic button that sends a signal to the nearest police station when pressed. The signal acts as a tracker so police can approach straight to the victim's location. "My father is always making himself ill with worry each time I am coming home late. " said Dikhsha Phatak. There are 200 police stations capable of receiving signals in Varanasi and surrounding areas. Tests will be carried out next month and government may launch the technology nation wide if they are successful.

Pameela Anderson Filed Divorce From Rick Salomon For Second Time

Looks like second trip down the aisle was not better than the first one. Pameela filed for divorce from Rick Salomon Thursday, according to a report from TMZ. The 47- year-old playboy model had announced in January that she had remarried the producer. The couple were married for only two months in 2007 before annulling the union. Just after news broke that she has filed for divorce from her husband of six months, the bombshell posted a lonely photo of herself with sunglasses on and looking into the Pacific Ocean with the cation 'Hope' to her Facebook page.
When the Barb Wire actress ran errands in Malibu, she did not appear to be wearing her diamond wedding rings. The blonde beauty also went solo on a 4th of July celebrations in Nobu, Malibu.
No reason has yet to be given for the split, but there have been signs the calender girl was troubled. On July 6 she wrote on her Twitter account," I have no longer time for anyone or anything that can not give emotion, time and love, honestly, freely and with sincerity.. my beautiful, soulful, mentor BB( Brigitte Barodot )."
It was noted that Salomon 'a world class poker player' won $2.8 m in the World Series of Poker Big One for One Drop. Because Pam filed on Thursday, she may or may not get some of that money under community property law, unless there was a prenup. This was Anderson's fourth marriage. In addition to her two marriages to Rick, she was also wed to Tommy Lee and Kid Rock.
Pameela in her sleech at Cannes Film Festival opened up about the sexual attacks she endure during childhood. She said she was molested at six, raped at 12 and gang raped in her teens.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Israel Continued 800 Attacks On Gaza In Four Days

Shelling and killing of Paletinian continued by Israel and more than 93 people including women and children have been killed. But Muslim World is silent. No voice has been raised against Israel's brutalities. Israel has deployed hundreds of tanks on Gaza border and called 20,000 reserve soldiers.

Selfies That Were Gone Terribly Wrong

*-- There are a few basic rules in museums. First: Do not touch the art. The second: Do not take selfies while touching the art. At a museum in Milan, Italy, a student broke that second rule: he climbed onto a statue dating back to early 19th century to take a selfie and caused the left leg of the statue to fall off. The statue depicts the 'Drunken Satyr' an ancient Greek sculpture from the Hellinistic era showing a human -like figure with animal features drunkenly sleeping. Fortunately, statue was only a copy located in the academy's hallway leading to a room full of more valuable work. However, tudent can not be blamed, because who would not like o post a picture of themselves sitting in the lap of an ancient statue. *-- In June 2014, a teenager died after plunging 60 ft onto jagged rocks as she tried
to take a selfie. Isabella, 16, was trying to take a photograph of herself during a school trip to the seaside town of Taranto, in southeastern Italy. The school girl suffered multiple injuries ans was rushed to hospital, where she underwent a major operation but doctors could not save her life. *-- Selfie addicts should really be careful when posing for pics near large moving
vehicles and realize that if you only get kicked in the head, you got off easy. The careless self-photographer had the bright idea to snap a selfie really close to the track as the train about to go by, but the conductor spotted him standing too close and took it upon himself to act like a human cow catcher- by kicking the guy in the head.

Every Pakistani Actress Likes To Shot Nudiest Scenes To Make Place In Bollywood

Once Aeysha Umar, a Pakistani actress had said that she refused an offer for Bollywood film as she said she liked Pakistan and did not want to give vulgar and obscene shots as Veena Malik did in Bollywood. What would audience say about above kiss scene of Aeysha. No doubt Aysha is a famous name in drama industry. She is known very well for her beauty. In Bollywood actress do such nude scenes without hesitation but Pakistani actresses go ahead of them to do every thing even to auction their beauty and body to every man in studios of Bollywood to make place in the Indian showbiz industry. It does not stop on Veena or Hamaima Malik.

ISIS Threatens Another Holocaust Against Jews

The Jehadi organisation, Daulat ul Islamia Al Iraq Washam (DAISH), ISIS, fighting for new Islamic State in Iraq and Syria threatened another holocaust against Jews. A Twitter post on Thursday by supoortes of ISIS says," The Real Zionist Holocaust is Predicted in the Hadiths! The Hour (resurrection) will not take place until Muslims fight the Jews and Muslims kill them and tree will say " Oh! Muslim, Servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, kill him! THE PROMISED Holocaust," It was said in a graphic Tweet through account@ ISIS_Conquest's. This Hadith has proven popular with Muslims of all stripes, ranging from IS to Hamas- and even on television in the Middle East. IS, leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, placed Jews on the side of evil in a speech posted last Tuesday on the internet in which he called the Muslims to join him. "O! Ummah of Islam, the world today has been divided into two groups and two trenches.. the camp of Islam and faith, and the camp of Kufr (disbelief) and hypocrisy.. all led by America and Russia and being mobilized by the Jews, Al Baghdadi said. In another video released on Twitter, IS told Mujahids to ," Break the crosses and destroy the lineage of the grandsons of monkeys." At the same time Is may be growing cautious from drawing unwanted attention from the Western intelligence even though it seeks new recruits. "All Brothers and Sisters.. Do not meet IS members while you are living in the West.. Get out the West and then get in touch with IS. This was said a day after US law enforcement caught Shanon Maureen Conley, 19-year-old woman from Denver, trying to leave the US to join IS.