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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

PTI Will File Petition In ECP Against Nawaz Sharif

The second largest opposition party in National Assembly has decided to file petition in ECP for inelgibility of prime minister Nawaz Sharif. According to a private news channel the PTI national assembly members will contact election commission today to get verified copies of Sharif's nomination papers to file reference against him. The PTI in the reference will be that Nawaz Sharif had been convicted in Helicopter case as well in Asghar Khan case. While Nawaz Sharif went to Saudi Arabia under a 10-year deal but he lied to about the deal after he returned and denied any deal. Report says that in the reference it will also be entered that Nawaz Sharif did not give any detail in the space provided in the nomination paper for the answer to the question 'whether you have been in any case'. Therefore Nawaz Sharif does not fulfill the requirement for being member of NA under article of 62 and 63 of the constitution and should be declared ineligible. On other side Arsalan Iftekhar has also applied to ECP to get Khan's nomination papers for the same purpose. What our politicians are playing joggler's dramas and ignoring the real mandate they have given by people to solve their problems. Has a nation like Pakistani to exist on the globe? It has lost its all rights and soon will be vanished and seems to be slave either to Hindus physically while this nation is mentally in the grip of USA, already! Who will suffer? only the poor masses? All MNAs MPAs will fly to Dubai, England and USA. The people themselves are responsible for this destruction by electing people like those sitting in the assemblies or ruling while sitting in PM House or presidential palace.

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