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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Woman Married To Her Sibling For 50 Years

A Saudi woman discovered that she was married to her sibling for 50 years and had eight children from him before his death, a newspaper reported. After his recent death the woman was told that she and her husband were breast feeded by same mother and they are permitted by Islam to marry each other, the Arabic language daily Okaz said. The paper quoted relatives as saying the woman at first did not believe what she was told at her husband's funeral and decided to travel to his birth place to check. Relative of her husband confirmed to her that they are siblings and they were permitted to marry as he is were Mahram (Unmarraigeable kin). The paper quoted the unnamed woman as saying," Although "I was satisfied that my husband died, I am very upset at what has happened, but it is Allah's will".

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