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Friday, July 4, 2014

Some Women Only Products

*-- Women-Only Parking Spots:- There is parking for expectant mothers in the United States, but South Korea has taken the special parking designation a little further. The country has marked off prime parking for women only. There are thousands of spaces - outlines in pink -that are a little wider and a little longer than the standard parking space. They are also better lit and closer to escalators and elevators. The city is $ 100 million to create the spaces, which is part of a bigger push to make Seoul more female-friendly. This is not the first time a town has catered to women drivers. A German town had a similar initiative in 2012. China, Kuwait, Malaysia, Austria, Indonesia and Italy also have gender specific parking. *-- Women Only Computers:-
In 2012, Japanese electronic Giant Fujitsu launched a new computer aimed at female users. The"Floral Kiss" Ultrabook was developed "by a team of female engineers aiming to bring elegance to PCs," according to brand. The computer came in three colours-- 'Elegant White', 'Feminine Pink' and 'Luxury Brown'. The top casing had gold trim and a flip latch that made the display easy to open for women with long fingernails. The power status LED and Caps Lock key were decorated with diamond-cut stones, while a gold ring frames on each key on the transparent key board and outtake and intake vents featured a floral motifs. Floral Kiss also featured custom-designed apps for women such as a scrapbook, a Diary and Daily Horoscopes. *-- Women-Only Taxi:
In London alone, 10 women are attacked each month after getting into a unlicensed cab-- it is only natural that women feel safer getting into taxi driven by women. Pink Ladies spotted a business opportunity and created and created UK's first women-only private car hire franchise. The Pink Ladies drive Renault Kangoos that are pink inside and out, making them highly visible. Passengers sign-up as members, and fares are either pre-paid, paid by credit card or with "Pink Account" which is both convenient for members and safe for drivers.

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