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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hitler Rightly Claimed To Be The Benefactor Of Humanity

Hitler had written a letter for the coming generations, before committing suicide. In the beginning there was no ban on the letter. It was a short but expresses reality. Though these are not the original wordings but it meant as follows," I know history is always written by conquerers. I know the history that my opponents will write they would present me a cruel, killer and mad man. I will be accused of genocide. I confess that I always considered jews as enemies of my nation and I treated them as enemies are treated. I am not ashamed of this act. This generation has not only enemity towards German nation but it is enemy of all the nations. They will always be risk for peace in the world. I hope that future historian will definetely give me credit for eliminating 50 % of the risk. But remaining 50 % or more will always remain risk for the humanity. I forecast if third world war started it will be due due this degraded and bad-natured nation." It is not necessary for everyone to agree to this view point, but the events of last six decades clearly show that the terrorism environment, gruesome activities and war like seemed in the world has the fire which Israel has ignited in the Middle East since last two decades. If world did not stop the atrocities and brutalities of Israel the world will see the most destructive era of the history.

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