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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Leaked Documents Say 9/11 Was A Nuclear Event

In recent weeks, intelligence agencies of France, Russia and Britain along with a key members of the UN's nuclear non-proliferation organisation IAEA, have leaked critical documents outlining not only that 9/11 was a nuclear event but the science and specifics of the event itself. An article from Press TV last week reads:- " A virtual stream of leaks is a clear sign that, in the light of events in Ukraine, Syria and Iraq, the "rule book" is being thrown out. From the discussion of real 9/11 report, citing the use of nuclear weapons, the official finding of the United States Department of Energy:- The original Sandra report stated that it was salted or enhanced radiation device, not just a standard low level nuke. The report only identified the type of primary use being the W-54 series of primary boosters made at Hanford. The second radiation enhancement part of the weapons used was eradicated from the text."

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