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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Turkey Has Real Sympathy With Palestinians Than Other Muslim Countries

Turkey and its people feel real pain against Palestinians for the massacring of innocent Gazaians and help practically as much as they can. It was Turkey and its people who sent Flotella ship with food items to Palestinians and sacrificed its courageous people. What did OIC and other Muslim countries do? Arab countries are so scared from Israel and USA that they even can not raise weaker voice against the brutalities of Israel. Kings and princes remain busy in saving their their thrones. However, Pakistanis always protests against Israel attacks, but governments does nothing except verbal statements. Erdogan rightly said that Israel has Hitler's mentality when it says that Palestinians must die. According to new reports Israel is using chemical weapons and white phosphorous in the Gaza in its air strikes. Where are the Human Rights organisations? Who seriously take issues of a woman molestated in Pakistan but doing nothing against Israel's brutalities? It is because all Human rights organisations consists of Jews, why would they do when Muslims themselves do nothing.

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