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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Google Has Restricted Access To A BBC Blog Posting And Several British Newspaper Stories

The search engine Google has restricted access to a BBC blog posting and several other British newspaper stories under a legal ruling granting people a right to be "forgotten" in search engine. Google said it had received 70,000 requests since it put a form on line May 30 as a result of the ruling of European Court of Justice. The court said the individuals have the right to have links to the information about them deleted from searches in some circumstances, such as if data is outdated or inaccurate. But BBC economics editor Robert Piston complained that Google "had killed this example of my journalism" after being informed that 2007 postings about former Merrill Lynch chairman Stan O'Neal had been removed from certain searches in Europe. The Guardian newspaper also said it had been notified that six links to its stories have been removed from search results. Three of them about a 2010 controversy involving now- retired Scottish Premier league referee. European news organisations have opened fire on Google for removing links from search results in the name of adhering to the court order. Mail online, the world's biggest news site said its restricted stories among others included s story about a couple caught having a sex on train and another one about a Muslim man accusing Cathy Pacific of refusing to employ him because of his name. The publisher of Mail online Martin Clarke said, "these examples show what a nonsense this right to be forgotten is, it is equivalent of going into libraries and burning the books you do not like."

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