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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Indian Students Have Designed Jeans That Can Save From Gang Rape

Neither men nor Indian government is ready to stop gang rapes in India, due to these reasons Indian women are very much terrified. Women themselves have designed a jeans that can stop sex attacks. Two students belonging to Varanasi city, 21 year old Diksha Phatak and 23 year old Anjali Srivastava designed a jean with small electronic button that sends a signal to the nearest police station when pressed. The signal acts as a tracker so police can approach straight to the victim's location. "My father is always making himself ill with worry each time I am coming home late. " said Dikhsha Phatak. There are 200 police stations capable of receiving signals in Varanasi and surrounding areas. Tests will be carried out next month and government may launch the technology nation wide if they are successful.

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