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Friday, July 4, 2014

Imran Khan! This Is Not The Proper Time For Any Anti-Government Movement

No doubt that Sharifs' government is the most weaker one, failed, inilligible, has worst governance, did nothing for the masses from load shedding to price hike, worst law and order situation, every thing every step is taken against the common man and their lives are made miserable and merciful, unsuccessful in running government affairs even worst than cunning PPP government. But Imran Khan! you are the only politician who is sincere for the masses and for the nation, all others are selfish and pass time. I do not like Qadri or Fazal Rahman, who have left their own mission for which they had gained Islamic knowledge and running behind the power. Dirty politics does not suit to religious scholars. Qadri has only hollow slogans when he comes to Pakistan, result is the death of innocent people whether in the severe cold or in model town's burning heat. Either he hides himself in container in chilling cold or sits under air conditioned house and talks about bringing revolution. Revolution can never be brought with out the capable and sincere leadership that is standing with the workers not under A C's environment or in containers. Imran Khan! you are the only hope, please postpone your launch of Tsunami in August, because our brave soldiers are busy in the most dangerous war of our history. The enemy who is visible and known is no problem for our army but when the internal enemy is behind the curtains, in hills, in caves, tunnels, suddenly crossing the borders from east and west and attack like ambush is difficult a bit and our own life losses increase manifold. Imran Khan! you know this weak government is not capable of blocking your Tsunami and definetely it will call army which is already defending Pakistan from all sides, internally and externally. Who will suffer not the Sharif family but our nation. Please show your solidarity with Pak army that you love very much like every patriotic Pakistani and save the country from more destruction. Sharif government will go down through your efforts, Qadri is not worth doing this. You are the only politician I love, like and appreciate, all others are fake, selfish, dishonest and friends of India or America. May Allh bless you Khan.

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