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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Arsalan Iftekhar Accused Imran Khan Of Not Being Honest And Trustworthy

Arsalan Iftekhar, the son of former chief justice, accused Tehreek e Insaaf Pakistan chairman Imran Khan of not being " Honest and Trsustworthy", adding hat latter did fulfil the criteria for being a representative of the people set in article 62 and 63 of the Constitution. Arsala, ! How many Pakistani parliamentarians fulfill that criterion under article 62 and 63. Only parliamentarians from religious parties like JUI and Ji are fulfilling this criterion otherwise, more than 1000 MNAs and PMAs do not. Imran Khan is the only politician out of religious who is the most honest MNA and party chief. Arsalan! This is not you, here are some other secret hands that are making you play. Arsalan also criticised Imran Khan's personal life as he said Imran Khan in nomination papers mentioned two son noy "Marry White" her daughter. Arsalan said his father and former chief justice is also thinking about taking legal action against Imran Khan.

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