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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Amal Alamuddin's Mother Is Against Her Wedding With Cooloney

George Cooloney's future mother-in-law does not think he is good enough for her daughter and would prefer her to marry a Druze Muslim. Baria Alamuddin wants human right lawyer, who was born in strict Labanese sect in Beirut, to wed a Druze Muslim believes her daughter can find someone 'better' than 53-year-old Hollywood actor.
A friend of Baria told Mail Online, "you would not think Amal has hit the jackpot with George Cooloney, but Baria is not happy. She thinks Amal can do better. She has been telling half of Beirut, in fact anyone that will listen, there are five hundred thousand Druze, are none of them good enough for her?" Amal's beliefs forbid her to marry outside of her religion and disobeying the rules can result in excommunication and social boycott.
meanwhile, George's parents Nina and Nick are over the moon about their son's engagement and think Amal, 36, who they met over a year ago is " a lovely girl'. The couple who got engaged earlier this year are expected to get married in September near Lake Como Italy after spending last month scouting potential venues for romantic nuptials.

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