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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Is Kate Middleton Clashing With Queen?

Kate Middleton may be most liked female on the planet! Seriously. Kate Middleton's fashion? Kate as mother? Kate Middleton bikini photos? Who does not adore all of these things and everything else about Prince William's better half? The queen herself, that is who. According to the new issue of Life and Style, the Duchess of Cambridge has endured months of bullying about her parenting, overspending and wardrobe malfunctions. The magazine quotes totally a real source who alleges the Queen has come down on Kate because she is too much like Princess Dianna.. . she has a "commoner" upbringing and ... she dones a "skimpy" wardrobe. Middleton has had enough "the tabloid hilarious writes" "and she is leaving the palace". To go where, that much is uncertain. Five weeks ago, Life and Style published an erroneous cover report claiming that Kate was "98 pounds and pregnant" and in the midst odf a "secret health battle". That exactly did not prove to be true.

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