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Friday, July 4, 2014

Daud Ibrahim-- Whose Name Shakes Indian Palaces

Daud Ibrahim is a mysterious name in the underground world and Indian government takes him as its biggest enemy. But very little is commonly known to the world about this mysterious character. He was born to a police constable Ibrahim Kaskar in Mamka village of Ratna Gari city of Maharashtar on December 27, 1955. His name is on fourth number among the most wanted ten persons. He is on number 57 among the most powerful persons of the world. His daughter Mah Rukh Ibrahim was married to Junaid, the son of legend cricketer Javed Miandad. They met in London during studying.
He was first linked to extortionist Pathan, a group of criminal but gradually removing all the hurdles in his way became an unmatched king of the Mumbai underworld.
He has great influence in the Bollywood and it is said once Ameetab Bachhan uttered a dialogue in the film copying Ibrahim for which Bachhan was summoned in his 'court' was slapped by Ibrahim on his face. Bollywood acters like Salman Khan , Govinda, Sanjay Dat and several others are in contact with Ibrahim. Ibrahim got fame when police blamed him and Tiger Memon of 1993 Mambai attacks. His second one is "Chota Shakil". It is also said that Ibrahim carried out Mambai attack for taking revenge of Muslim massacre in 1992 in Gujrat. As usual Indian government is suffering from "Daud Ibrahim's fever" and accusing that Pakistan should hand over him to India as according to India he is residing in Pakistan. Americans Authorities claim that Daud had visited Afghanistan in 1990 under the protection of Taliban. It is interesting that inspite of allegations of drug smuggling against Ibrahim no case has been registered against him in any country of the world including Afghanistan. Long Live Daud Ibrahim who is enemy of India is the friend of Pakistan.

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