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Monday, July 21, 2014

Chilean Government Takes Practical Steps On Gaza Issue, Shame For Muslim Countries

Latin American country Chile has beaten all the Muslim countries over Gaza issue by taking a practical step rather than mere talk. Yesterday Chilean confirmed that they had suspended Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations with Israel and they were considering complete withdrawal of its ambassador to Tel Aviv in protest against Israeli bombing compaign on the Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip (Long Live The Chilean government and the people of Chile, Shame on part of Muslims). It is worth mentioning that earlier Chilean government issued just a statement of condemnation like all the Muslim countries but Chilean deputies and senators went to the Foreign ministry and demanded a stronger position against Israel regarding its actions in Gaza strip. With the number of victims of Israeli attack passing 300 mark, parliamentarians of all backgrounds demanded strong and urgent action by the Chilean government. So, Michelli Bacheler's government decided to take a stronger action to uphold a human cause. Activists calling for the boycott of Israel can hope now that example set by Chile will the way for other countries to do the same. Chilean senators and parliamentarians' efforts are appreciable for the oppressed Palestinians. Can Muslim countries, friends of Israel take lesson from Chilean government's practical steps.? Can Taliban stop killing of innocent Muslims in Pakistan and go to help Palestinians?

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