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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Constables Dismissed For Plucking Guava From PM's Garden

Two constable Abid and Saifullah of Punjab police deployed at the Palace of Nawaz Sharif have been dismissed from service due to committing "serious crime" of plucking 'precious' guavas from the garden of PM. The security officer caught them while plucking the guava fruits from tree at Jati Umra, residence of prime minister in Raiwind. He filed a complaint against them to higher authorities who dismissed them from job. As already we know that earlier this year, 27 police men deployed at PM's palace in Jati Umra were suspended when wild cat killed some peacocks. Jati Umra residence covers an area of 400 acres and almost 2,000 police men have been deployed on the Raiwind road leading to PM's farmhouse. The 29 constables should thank Allah that they were not handed over to firing squad for the henious crimes because the PM's "Guavas" and "peacocks" are much more valuable than the lives of police men because are among the common people who have no value in the eyes of kings and princes.

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