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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Meera's New Boyfriend In America After Captain Naveed

After the Bengali girl causing confrontation between captain Naveed and Meera, the friendship of Meera with Pakistani American doctor Asad has also been revealed. The friendship of Dr Asad and Meera started during the hospital project for which dr Asad donated $ 25,000 and also assured Meera to help in completing the project. During stay in USA, Meera stayed with Dr Asad for which clashes developed between Meera and her so called husband. Dr Asad had once sent for Meera to USA and Provided her first class ticket. As usual Meera denied any close relationship with Dr Asad. It is enough for Meera that she remained a few months with Naveed now she needs change of taste, which is the habit of pros like her.

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