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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Israel's Cruelties In Gaza Continued, Muslim Umma Is Silent

The death toll killed by Israeli air strikes in Gaza rose to nearly two hundred including all the civilians, children and women. Israel begins air strikes on Gaza strip making any excuse to massacre Palestinians and when its single soldier is wounded it tries for the ceasefire. Its this routine killings of unarmed Palestinians has been continued for years. It also starts economic blockade of Gaza. The Arab states around Israel can drown it with one spit if can dare, but slaves of USA have no courage. OIC just convenes one formal meeting and calls both side to stop firing but does not blame Israel for the initiation of firing and killing innocent Palestinians. Hamas has rightly rejected Egyptian truce that favours the aggressive Israel not the Palestine. They do not press Israel to lift economic blockage of Gaza. Other Muslim countries do nothing but only condemning Israeli aggression verbally. The Hamas spokesperson has rightly said that the Egyptian truce id " an initiative of kneeling and submission".

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