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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Myo Armband Will End The Era Of Computer Mouse

The internet is falling hard for a new hands-free gadget that lets you control your computer without a mouse. A startup called Thalmic Labs is on the verge of releasing a Myo, an armband that allows you to interact with a computer through motion commands. Sensors in the device measures the motions and electrical activity of person's arm, allowing it to figure out the specific hand gesture someone is making. The device will come with some preprogrammed commands, such as mouse click, a double click and scroll. The one-size-fits-all armband is supposed to work with Windows, Mac, iOS or Anroid devices. While motion tracking technology is not anything new, it is worth noting that Myo technology differs from, say, Microsoft Kinect, because it does not have a camera constantly watching your movements. The tech website Digital Trends said that Myo," makes using Kinect look like drunk charades."

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