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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Leaders Raising Slogans To End Load Shedding In Months Could Not Do So In Years

The promises to the simple people in election slogans by those who are in power now to end electricity load shedding in six months could not eliminate it in one and a half year. Instead, the load shedding duration has been increased and it is done even during Iftar and sehri timings in the holy month of Ramazan. Those who do not give the poor people right of existence are constructing Metros and and planning to ply bullet trains and and speedy bus service, for whom? for the empty belly people who can not make two ends meet. What is its use of these luxuries for the public when they do not find food items because they have no money to buy. No basic amenities, no hospitals for treatment. Who will benefit from motor ways and who will be benefited from its construction. Those steel mill owners who will provide theses things for building of roads. Who have steel mills in Pakistan? Rulers are cursed by fasting people specially at Iftar and Sehri, how would they protect themselves from Azab e Ilahi? The lives of Pakistanis were so troublesome during previous regimes ( not that of PPP) but those of dictators. Now the people are in trouble and during martial laws present and former rulers are in trouble. People praise the reign of Musharraf and Zia ul Haq. No body seems to have soft corner for at least present rulers, except those are getting advantages personally.

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