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Saturday, July 26, 2014

An Israeli Agent Pakistani Supports Israel In Israeli Media

A Pakistani journalist, Malik Zameer Hussain Awan (but with out Zameer, concious), a name that is shame for Pakistan and the Muslims, has written a letter in Israeli newspaper 'Jerusalem Post, supporting Israel on Gaza issue. The letter has attracted a great attention and is fast becoming an engaging story. In this letter claims that Muslims pay no attention when it comes to the Islamic state of Syria and Iraq's (ISIS) adventures in Iraq and Syria and other parts of western Asia. The writer says that Muslims have dual standards. The writer thinks Hamas is a terrorist organisation in a way and one should understand the right of defence and Israeli point of view. BaZameer! why you forgot th right of defence of Palestinians, massacre in Gaza of children and other civilians. The occupant of Palestinian land and attacking every day with shelling by planes, missile attacks. Israel is the Greatest Terrorist in the world, alas! Hitler did not kill all the Jews. This article has sparked a debate among the Israeli masses. But Ba Zameer has found a new forum to gain fame and popularity.

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