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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Zimbabwean Woman Has Two Husbands And Wants Two More

A woman from Zimbabwe who is already married to two men, wishes to tie knot with two more. The 57-year-old Emma Chaleka, who is a traditional healer, wants to be married to four men as it is her dream, according to Myzim. The woman who is in polyandrous marriage with two men claims that she wants to marry twice more as long as her husbands live peacefully under one roof and respect what she calls their 'duties'. Chaleka also confirmed that her first husband Never Mudenda introduced her to her second husband, the 55-year-old Sikabenga Pendasi. The polyandrous marriage has been the talk of the town in Gadzema heights suberbs. The second marriage took place after Sikabenga brought a chicken to her as wedding gift and they exchanged vows in front of a witness, who was a neighbour. However, Chaleka's first husband got jealous of her second husband. He and her children got together and attacked the new husband. Chaleka dissuaded Pendasi from filing a police complaint as she was scared that her kids will be arrested by police. Chaleka denied being promiscuous wife. Chaleka has 11 children from deceased husband and two from Never. Mudenda.

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