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Friday, July 25, 2014

Married Man Turns To Be A Woman Biologically

A man who went to his doctor complaining of stomach cramps came away with a diagnosis he most certainly was not expecting. Upon examination it was revealed the man, identified as Mr Chen had female genitals and he was experiencing period pains. Mr Chen visited doctor complaining of pain in his stomach and blood in his urine, along with other symptoms including fatigue, swelling in legs and on face. In hospital he underwent CT scan which showed married man Chen had ovaries and a uterus. Confused doctors then performed a chromosomal examination which showed Chen had a pair of female XX chromosomes. The moment that really confirmed the diagnosis, when doctors found man did not have Adam's apple or male genitalia. Doctor said the he was wearing men's clothes and had short hair, so we did not thonk he would be a female at the beginning. Mr (Mrs? ) Chen said he had had sex with his wife, a claim that doctors at the hospital now say they doubt was true.

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