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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cheating Wife Tries To Trap Husband In Terrorism

A passenger was arrested on suspicion of terrorism in a flight from Muscat to Allama Iqbal International airport but released after initial investigation. Upon receiving information 40-year-old Shah Dildaar was planning to blow up the plane Airport Security Force (ASF) personnels cordoned the plane and took him into their custody. After security forces conducted the investigation Dildaar was released. Reportedly Didaar's wife Sohnia called airport after stealing the mobile of her husband brother Shahnawaz. She reported to security forces that Didaar was a terrorists and wanted to blow up the plane. Sohnia, who had developed illicit relations with her next door neighbour Kashif wanted to get rid of her husband who was coming from Muscat after three years. After arrest, Sohnia confessed that she and her friend planned to trap Didaar and get rid of him.

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