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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Again A Talk Trap Of India About Kashmir Issue

India is trapping Pakistan again with talks about disputed territory, but Pakistani leaders also know that Kashmir issue would not never be solved as neither they are serious regarding the issue nor India wiling to do so. Bot sides are passing time, but India is getting the benefits from Pakistani leaders like the status of most favorite nation, trade balance in favor of India, inviting higher ups for visits, extending hands for friendship. Indian foreign secretary clearly said borders will be kept as they are but Pakistan should take action against against Hafiz Saeed and militants. Pakistan being the yes man of the USA will admit that militancy prevails in Pakistan and will be rooted out. However, the passions of patriotism in Indian politicians are appreciable, every citizen of a nation must think of the interests of its national cause that Indians are doing.
India is willing to talk about the disputed territory of Kashmir with Pakistan as part of an effort to advance peace talks, said Indian Foreign Secretary Ranjan Mathai, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday
India's top diplomat also demanded serious action against militants by Pakistan that use its soil to attack India.
He said it was deeply troubling to India that Hafiz Saeed was able to address public gatherings and appear on television.
At the same time, Mathai said New Delhi views recent moves by Pakistan, including an agreement in February to open its markets to Indian goods, as a signal Islamabad is serious about an improvement in ties.
"I wouldn't have been as optimistic six months ago," Mathai said about prospects for the latest round of peace talks, which began in earnest a year ago. "The fact the government is able to move on the trade track shows there's a greater willingness to take things forward by all the players."
As the talks develop, India would consider reopening a serious discussion on Kashmir, Mathai said. New Delhi, he added, "would be happy" to start talks toward a deal to keep Kashmir's borders as they are but allow greater trade and movement of people across the Line of Control, the de facto frontier that divides the territory.

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