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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Indian Strategy To Maintain Occupation Of Siachin Glacier Is Successful

The Siachin Warfield is in a triangular shape. Its three corners are composed of N-J 9842 including Sia Kingri( Peak), Andra Kole and Karakorum Pass.After ceasefire in 2003 between Pakistan Indian forces no firing took place. This was exactly the military strategy of India that ceasefire after occupying the vast area and better position will linger on till infinity like Kashmir issue that would never be resolved and Pakistan's position will be weakened as it is now. This is the point to think on for Indian lobby in Pakistan. Can India be Pakistan's friend? Sympathizers of India in Pakistan ( if they are Pakistani Muslims) and Indian lobby in Pakistan must seek answer to it.
The data about number of army forces on both sides are least known to common man. According to rough estimates both sides claim to have 3000 to 10000 soldiers. According to trustworthy sources, Pakistan has 3 battalions, while India has deployed 7 battalions to maintain its occupation.Pakistan's and Indian battalion usually consists of 900 individuals.
After Indian attack on Siachin, in the beginning when Pakistan started military activities, one Pakistani soldier had to lose his life after every 4th day, while one Indian soldier died after each alternate day. Since 1994 to 1999, 1300 Pakistani soldiers were martyred in the war, whereas, 2000 Indian soldiers lost their lives since Indian attack to 1997 and India spent $ 50 billion.
On April 13, 1984, Indian forces started operation "Maghdoot" to occupy Siachin glacier. Indian planners dropped one battalion each of Laddakh scouts and Kamaoon regiment through air routes on Siachin glacier. Similarly, it dropped one battalion each on highest peaks of Bela Fond la and Sia la toward the west of Siachin. When Indian forces reached Siachin, it occupies the whole territory with out any resistance. When Pakistani forces reached the Siachin, India had already occupied 900 square miles( 2300 Km) area of Siachin glacier and Indian forces had established their post on the highest spots of the glacier, where from they could easily target Pakistani army. Pakistan could not succeed in defeating Indians due to their better position on the peaks. However, India could forward further, if it had happened then Karakoram highway would have been on the mercy of India.

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