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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Actual Objectives Of Utah Data Center Can Not Be Disclosed Due To National Security Risks-- US Admin

The last 59 years performance of the USA secret agency (NSA)is not upto the mark, because it disclosed some plans against the USA but others it could not access. Therefore, after 9/11 the question arose that what was the advanmtage of maintaining it? But, due to the changing situation of the world , the USA government provided billions of funds to the agency so that its experts of cryptology could be able to peep into the secret and private lives taking from the governments to a common person.
The actual and basic responsibility of the NSA was to keep surveillance on the activities of foreign governments, but it is spying its own citizens. Therefore, its agents inducted into the American mobile and Internet companies are checking and sorting tens of thousands of emails and pictures of Americans daily, if the foreign countries are included then the number of emails and pictures reach to billions that are sorted by the spies of the agency.
The experts of the agency have developed speediest computers to perform the mountains of complicated tasks. Now, agency is constructing its Data Center to save billions of words, thoughts, views and ideologies gathered from global communication system. Obviously, all the work is secretly performed. Super security system has been in and around the data center that is worth $ one billion.
According to a report issued by PENTAGON, American Spying agencies are saving so much voluminous data that USA government wants to expand PENTAGON's global Information Grid to receive and save in Yotta bytes which is equivalent to one thousand Zeta bytes or five thousand trillion mega bytes. The USA actually needs that grand network. The research reports of Internet companies reveal that world internet traffic will reach to 966 exa bytes between 2010 and 2015. One Exa byte is equal to 1000 peta bytes or one billion mega bytes. Exa byte is niot an ordinary quantity/ volume of data. CEO Erak Shamedat of Google said that the vlast ten thousand years of known human history the total data has been up to 5 Exa bytes till 2005.

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