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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Israel Is Already Continueing Secret War Against Iran

Israel has been continuing secret attacks on Iran for the last 5 years. The targets of these attacks have been atomic installations and these are carried out by Mosad. This secret agency is the most powerful and resourceful after air force in Israel. The attacks began in in January 2007 when Mosad killed atomic scientist Urd Sher Hussain Pur. He was working in the Isphahan Uranium Plant when he died due to suffocation from poisonous gas. It is yet not known that how gas leaked to his office room. The next target of Israeli agent was atomic physicist Masood Ali Muhammadi in January 2010. His car was blasted with remote control bomb in Tehran. Same year in November, other atomic scientist Majeed Sharyari was killed by magnetic bomb that was stuck to his car by motorcyclists.
In July, 2011, Israeli agents killed atomic scientist Daryosh Raza he was shot in head. Deputy director of Natanz Uranium plant Mustafa Ahmad was killed on January 11, 2012. However, Iranians are sitting idle, they targette Israeli embassies in India, Thailand and Georgia but due to lack of experience these attacks were not much effective.
Though the USA is against the atomic program of Iran, but it does not want to start war against Iran. Because, there has been found no solid proof of manufacturing of atom bomb by Iran. The inspectors of International Atomic Energy regularly visit Iranian atomic project, they suspect but did not find any evidence that Iran is heading toward making atomic bomb.

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