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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Importance Of Electronic War In The Modern Age

In the modern age electronic war has gain too much importance. Through this war it is tried to jam the communication system of the enemy forces. This system consists of radar, radio, and satellite phone. It is obvious if a military forces are deprived of the system , it can be defeated easily.
In the stronger air force of Israel, a special unit called "Sky Crows Squadron" is expert in fighting electronic war. Mosad has also established a special wing of electronic war experts. Therefore, initially attacks against Iran were started through electronic war.
In June 2009, Israelis made "Stuxnet" virus enter into the Natanz uranium enrichment plant.The specificity of the virus was that it targeted only the computer system of centrifuge machines. So, stuxnet first of all corrupted the computer system that made the centrifuge machines run, then it made the machines run on such a high speed which resulted in total crashing of the centrifuges. This virus caused 6000 centrifuge machines to fail. Iranians hardly cleared the machines from virus. It was, of course an intelligently planned attack.
Israel will demonstrate its full capabilities of electronic war during the attack on Iranian atomic installations. They have invented radio and radar jamming equipments themselves themselves, and others have been provided by the USA. The equipment are installed in AWACS planes. But, Iran is out of the range of Israeli AWACs planes, therefore, experts say that Israel will use communication jamming equipments installed in drones. Israel has been developed huge drones, among them Eitan is the biggest. Its weight is 5 tonnes and can carry 2-3 tonnes heavy equipments. It can fly at a height of thousand feet for 20-40 hours.
Israel used electronic war technique while it attacked Syrian atomic reactor. They jammed Syrian communication system and destroyed atomic reactor, after that Syrian could see hundreds of Israeli planes on radars due to Israel's other tactics when Syrian planes flew to fight Israelis had done their job already and returned. Experts say that Israel will try to jam electricity and mobile system at the time of attack.

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