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Thursday, April 5, 2012

How Would Iran Defend Itself Against Israeli Attack?

Iran has not as latest weapons, arms, planes and technology as Israel has been bestowed by the USA. But they have courage, unity, and trust in Allah by which they will defend themselves. The only latest radar Iranian have is "Avtobaza", using this radar they had forced the American Stealth plane drone RQ-170 spying over Iran, that costly plane was fully equipped with most latest technology, to land in Iran in December 2011. This news had stunned the American and Israeli military personnels. They could not think of Iranians being so much trained in electronic war tactics. Moreover, Iran has the latest equipments needed for electronic war. Knowing this fact Israelis are hesitating to attack Iran.
The other important radar that Iran has id "Ghadeer", this is the copy of well-known Russian radar the S-330. This radar can identify from a distance of 1100 km, any war plane, Kruse and balastic missile flying as high as 300 km. Iranians have manufactured ghadeer locally. Iranians have made themselves capable of making basic war arms like radars, tanks and missiles, in the country, because they can not purchase from outside due to sanctions.
Other important weapons after radars Iranians have are missiles. Iran has missile of different ranges. The most powerful of these is "Qadar-110", others include Shahab-3, Ashora, Sajeel-2 and Fajr-3. TYhese missiles have range of 3000 km and can carry heavier bombs.
Iranians have locally manufactured missiles to shoot down attacking planes and missiles.These include Shahab e Saqib, Meesaq-1 and 2, Syed -1 and 2, Fajr, Fateh, Marseed, Misbah, and Qarn. Iranians are establishing a new system of missiles named Yawar-373. Moreover, they have American made anti-craft missile Hawk too.
Military experts say that Israel will have to use planes and drones equipped with electronic war's latest equipments and technology to combat with Iranian radars and missiles. Israelis will try to jam all or some of the Iranian missiles to make their fight easy.
As aftermath of Israeli attack, Iran would target Israel with missiles and their missiles Shahab-2 and Sajeel-2 can reach Israel. However, Israel's defense system is too strong, because the USA have provided to Israel the modern missiles that can shoot down the attacking missiles.
Iran will try to close strait of Hurmaz through which 20 % of the world oil passes, if it is closed then oil prices specially in the USA will sky-rocket. However, the USA has already announced that they will never let Iran to block Hurmaz. Iranian navy is so strong that it can fight the USA for some days but it will initiate a war between the two countries that is of course very dangerous for the world peace.
(To Be Continued)

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