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Friday, April 27, 2012

Exhaustion Of Oil's Natural Reserves May End The Era Of Modern Age

The oil (fuel) that makes the wheel of industry and agriculture run on the globe is not a renewable or ever lasting fuel and its underground quantity has been fixed by nature. Majority of the experts of the view that remaining oils in the wells may be consumed during the next 30-40 years. At present 380.8 million barrels monthly, while 4 billion and 650 million barrels oil is consumed annually in the world. If the rate of consumption remained the same and reserves are not increased the oil will be no more available under the ground.
Whenever, "oil age" came to an end human beings will have some positive and negative changes in their lives. The first negative change will be the scarcity or unavailability of foods. Because the modern agriculture depends upon fuel (oil). During 1804 the world population was 2 billion, due to better health facilities population in 1927 reached to 2 billion.
After 1927, tractors, mechanical equipments, insecticides and chemical fertilizers have been used in the agricultural fields to boost up the crop yields and expand the area to bring under agricultural commodities. All the agricultural equipments and chemical are either manufactured or run by fuel. When the agricultural yields increased per unit area the population also increased. The world population from 1927 to 2011 rose to 7 billion. But in future, due to unavailability of fuel, the costs of chemicals and and other agricultural related equipments as well as scarcity of water will result in low yields of crops that will cause the price hike in food items. Thus, it will necessitate for each family, as in the past, to grow itself and eat. During the last one and a half century the continuous use of artificial chemicals fertilizers and sowing of the crops have squeezed the lands. Due to higher prices of agricultural inputs, the plantings of crops, vegetables and fruit plants will return to natural process. However, to feed the bellies of billions of people it will be necessary for millions of people to work in the fields. Then the the transfer of the population from rural to urban areas will be reversed.

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