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Sunday, April 29, 2012

PM Of Morocco Is Highly Impressed By The Strategies Of Tayyab Urdagan Of Turkey

Prime minister of Morocco does not like to be out of common people, he likes to speak the language of masses that is the mixture of Arabic and French. He has broken the years long tradition of kissing the hands of king. When he was sworn in as prime minister he embraced the king but did not kiss his hands. But it does not mean that he wants confrontation with the king. He considers himself the slave of Allah.
Prime minister Abdullah Bin Keran is concentrating his full attention on the eradication of corruption and unemployment and on introduction of educational reforms. He is neither in favor of ant peculiar dress for the nation nor he wants to ban alcohol. He says that he does not want to interfere in the private life of the people. Justice party had announced before coming into power that they will introduce tax reforms. and impose value added taxes on luxuries. So, government has increases the tariff on alcohol and cigar. After taking the responsibilities of prime minister-ship, Abdullah Bin Keran is reviewing his policies toward Western countries. Now he is forwarding carefully in this regard. Once Justice party had opposed the $ 2 billion and 400 million train contact with France, but it has indicated that it will not oppose the contract. It means that Justice party wants to strengthen trade relations with France.
Prime minister is visiting the member countries of Gulf Cooperation Council and inviting them for investment in his country. He succeeded in getting investment of $ 2.7 investment in tourism sector. Morocco has favored United Arab Emirate on the issue of Abu Mosa Island with Iran. Morocco said that the visit of Abu Mosa of Iranian President is provocative.

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