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Saturday, April 28, 2012

US Claims Not To But Interferes In Pakistan's Internal Affairs

Whether PM Gilani has been convicted for 30 seconds or 30 years, the USA has nothing to do with the verdict of the supreme court. Who is the USA to decide Gilani is still the PM of Pakistan? Supreme court has dispatched the decision regarding contempt of court case to the speaker national assembly and election commission. Now speaker has to write letter to election commission for the disqualification of PM Gilani as member of national assembly. But, definitely she would not write like Gilani did not write to Swiss authorities. She will face the contempt of court case like Gilani and will pass 3-4 months till election time is reached. Good and fine People's Party will pass 5th budget and 5 years in the government and will set a record of 5 years that will bring fruit as a slogan of election campaign. Nawaz Sharif is just delivering hallow threats and waiting for the new election after 5 months or so.
People's party will announce thousands of jobs and will increase the salaries of government servants that will impossible for the next government to pay. This will go in favor of people's party. The next government will be in hot water either to curtail the employment opportunities or pay the salaries on the price of other developmental works or request the World bank extending bowl to beg for gratis. Hurrah! PPP nice and wonderful planning.

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