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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Burning Of Fuel Is Affecting The Environment Adversely

Like many other modern inventions and technologies, oil has also disadvantages along with merits. When the rig is dug, vegetation is to be removed all around the oil well and the land is damaged that would be used for agricultural purposes or to grow plants. If sometimes oil is leaked from tanker or from any other source on the ground or in the sea, it damages the ocean life, animals as well as those of birds. It is due to dangerous matters like benzene that is poisonous. Benzene lowers the level white cells in the human body as well as blood. Therefore, affected person loses immunity to many diseases. Experts say that a person spending 5-15 years in the environment of smoke, he can easily be an east target of diseases.
Emission of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur oxide, hydro carbons and lead occur when petrol is burnt. The excess of all these gases and matters id dangerous for human lives. Carbon monoxide if respired stops oxygen movement to brain. Similarly, sulfur oxide and hydro carbons cause respiratory and lung diseases. The babies also contract defects of some body parts by birth due to these gases. Some experts link these gases to cancer. Lead causes damage to heart, brain and nerves. It is burning of petrol that emits green houses gases and carbon dioxide. During the last 150 years, the quantity of this gas in has been increased in atmosphere up to 40 % due to the use of petrol, coal, natural gases and woods. Oceans and plants used to maintain the balance after absorbing this gas. Now the natural balance has been interrupted due to the excessive use of the fuel.
Therefore, due to presence of carbon oxide in the atmosphere climatic and weather changes are occurring globally. For example in Pakistan the months of November and December used to be colder in winter but, now a days, winter pronlongs up to January and February. Similarly, spring started in March, but now even April month is too cold. Due to the climatic changes floods occur somewhere and famine encircles other corner of the globe. Petrol also creates nitrogen oxide and this when gets mix and react with other compounds present in the air give rise to foggy weather.

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