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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Main Targets Of Israel To Destroy Iranian Atomic Installations

Military experts say that Israelis will basically destroy the important Iranian atomic installations located at Fordu, Natanz, Asphahan and Irak. Because operations regarding making of atom bomb, if it is done, can be performed at these locations. The objective of Israeli attack would be to damage maximum atomic facilities. It is possible too that all the Israeli bombers and fighters may attack, simultaneously, or two to three attacks, one after other may be done after destroying Iranian defense system. F-15 E strike eagle would attack Fordu and Natanz, while F-16 will strike Isphahan and Irak.
One of the American military experts suggests that Israeli planes should destroy the entry ways to Fordu and Natanz to make billions dollars graveyards for Iranian atomic scientists. BUT ISRAEL AND ITS ALLIES SHOULD KEEP IN MIND THAT IRAN IS NEITHER IRAQ NOR SYRIA. IT CAN DIMINISH ISRAELIS WHO WOULD HAVE NO PLACE TO BE BURIEd ON EARTH.
Israel would face a stronger Iranian force this time that is not a soft target for Israel, now. Irani army consists of 0.65 million soldiers and is the 8th largest force of the world. But to fight and stop the Israeli planes is the responsibility of Iranian air force that has 55000 officials.
Iran has been facing sanctions since long and it can not purchase latest weapons from the western countries. Therefore Iran has that old foreign arms which were bought by late Shah of Iran from the USA and Russia, 30 years ago. Though Iran has 500 war planes but all are too old. These include, 50 MIG's, 29 are 44-F, 14 A tom kate, and 10 Mirage F-7. But, these are no match to Israel's planes that are equipped with latest technology.
The actual weapons of Iran are Radars and missiles. It has a latest radar Avtobaza that was provided by Russia 6 months before.This radar has the capability of jamming the radars and guidance systems if planes. In addition, it can destroy the guidance and control system installed in the planes.
(To Be Continued)

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