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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Freeganism--An Unique Rebellious Movement Against Blind Profits Of Multinational Companies

Freeganism movement started in the United States in the 90's against the capitalism. The people linked to it are called Freegans. They are also called Urban Scavengers. They avoid to purchase luxury items and even food items and use the things thrown in trash bins. They deal with each other under barter system. Freegans are vast minded and friendly people. They like to live in social ties and cooperate with each other. They dislike materialistic life, insensitivity to each other and selfishness. They avoid to purchase consumable item as protest against capitalism, and the looting of multinational companies.They are not ready to be consumers of such companies that do not make things according to needs of the human beings. The sole objectives of the companies they think are to gain maximum profits. In view of the Freegans, the companies are polluting the environment. Companies are killing the animals cruelly and exploiting the laborers. Freegans say that such companies throw tonnes of foods in trash bins but do not feed any hungry.
Freeganism is a compound of two words, free and vegan ( vegetarian). However, all freegans searching for food in the trash are not vegetarians some are carnivorous too. Vegetable eating is preferred under the motto of freegans as they think the purchasing of beef or mutton is to encourage the companies that are killing the animals brutally. They say eating meat from trash does not encourage the companies that have already thrown the that. But purchasing brings them profit.

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