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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bhoja Air Had Stopped Its Operation During 2001

The unfortunate plane of Bhoja Air that crashed near Islamabad International Airport on Friday evening resulting in the tragic death of 128 passengers, stopped the operation in 2001, due to financial crisis. The plane that was on the way to Islamabad was grounded for the last 10 years . It was its first flight, after being operational? (sign of interrogation). It is learnt that a federal minister was behind the scene who got permission for its flight from CAA. The pilot Norr Afridi seemed too old to act as pilot, it seemed that he was retired from any other airline that though him too old to be a pilot of commercial plane in future, but Bhoja hired him for the service. All the causes must be investigated. It may not meet the fate of investigation as that of crash of Air Blue. As commssion and committees meet the same fate having no result till people forget the loss of precious lives.
Bhoja Airline was started on November, 1993, in Karachi. It has been operating on domestic routes. It fleet size remained 4 planes with head quarter at Karachi. Among the prominent person of the airlines are M Farooq Umar and M. Irshad Jaleel. The name of Farooq has been put on the ECl. In the past its flioght targets had been Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Sukkur, Multan,and Quetta. On January 24, 1998, its flight also was en routed to Dubai. The plane that crashed was the owned by Shaheen Airlines before. It was included in its fleet by Bhoja airline. The pilot Norr Ullah Afridi belonged to Kohat.

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