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Sunday, April 29, 2012

To Maintain The Bath Tub Water Warm By "Stones"

When you are taking bath in the tub with warm water and you get in trouble when the water starts cooling. It is must then to mix hot water and have to waste some surplus water. However, the experts belonging to Korea have invented an apparatus resembling rounded waxy stones found in lakes and revers that has heating sensors and maintains the bathtub water warm to the adjusted temperature. Medical experts have termed this apparatus called "Warm On" beneficial for health as hydrotherapy due to maintaining water temperature at uniform level. Working with ordinary battery, experts have installed such transmitters in the artificial stones that when sink in water save the temperature of water in its memory. As soon as the temperature of water starts falling down, the sensor in the apparatus activates the heating system. The water present in the apparatus mixes with the cool water in the form of bubbles and does not let the temperature of tub water fall down.
The inventors of this unique apparatus are 3 Korean designers namely Se Mei Hang, Heun Gee Lee and Heun Se Oak. They say that they developed this apparatus keeping in view the melting Magma due to volcanic activities under water in the ocean. It is noteworthy that the flowing pieces of Magma in sea ooze out bubbles of hot water due to which the water around Magma remain hot.

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