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Monday, April 9, 2012

The Biggest Spying Center In The World

In the American state of Utah, in the Bluff Deal town of Mormons Community and near the head quarter of Apostolic United Brithon, a building 5 times bigger than US Capital (American Parliament House) is under construction for American Secret Agency, National Security Agency (NSA). This fort like vast building which will start working in 2013 is the new Utah Data Center of NSA. In future the thousands of experts will study and analyze the communication information collected from all over the world. These are the information gathered through satellites or underground and under sea cables pertaining to international, regional and national networks. NSA would be able to save unlimited data in the huge servers in the center.This data will include all the information of any individual on the globe having email accounts, mobile phone calls, searches through the Google search engine, so on ans so forth that your parking receipts, expenses during traveling, receipts of purchase of books; every record of your secret or open daily activities.
This center is the practical form of the project "Total Information Awareness" that was planned by Bush administration. The objective was that it must be known to the American government that any individual of the globe including Americans has what open and secret activities. However, American Organizations of Human Rights made hue and cry against the plan which was, of course, a big attack on the privacy of the individual, so American Congress disapproved it during 2003.
But, American government pleaded that Utah Data Center has been established to collect financial information, shares transactions, information about business agreements, secrets of foreign embassies and military, legal documents ans personal contacts and to decode the secret documents. But, actually the target of the will be each and every individual of the world who benefits from modern means of communication like mobile, Internet, and even telephone.

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