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Friday, April 13, 2012

Terms Of Engagement With USA Have Been Approved By The Parliament

The joint sitting of the Parliament Thursday approved the recommendations presented by the Parliamentary Committee on National Security (PCNS) in connection with the terms of engagement with US and matters relating to the national security of Pakistan.
Earlier, reading out the 'revised report' of the PCNS from the floor of the Parliament, the Committee's Chairman Senator Raza Rabbani said: "The relationship with USA should be based on mutual respect for each other's sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity."
He said Pakistan's sovereignty 'shall not be compromised'.
Rabbani said the US footprint in Pakistan must be reviewed, calling for an immediate cessation of drone attacks and infiltration into Pakistani territory on any pretext including hot-pursuit.
He said Pakistani territory including its airspace shall not be used for transportation of arms and ammunition to Afghanistan.
Pakistan nuclear programme and assets including their security will not be compromised, he continued.
"The US-Indo agreement on civil nuclear agreement has significantly altered the strategic balance in the region," he said, adding, therefore Pakistan should seek from US another similar facility.
"Pakistan reaffirms its commitment to the elimination of terrorism and combating extremism in pursuance of its national interests."
He said the government of Pakistan should seek an unconditional apology from the US on the unprovoked incident of Salala attack dated 25th-26th November 2011 in Mohmand Agency which claimed lives of 24 Pakistani soldiers.
"Those held responsible for the Mohmand Agency attack should be brought to justice," he said, adding Pakistan should be given assurances that such attacks or any other attacks impinging on Pakistan's sovereignty will not reoccur.
He said no verbal agreement regarding national security shall be made with any foreign government or authority and all such agreements and understandings shall cease to exist forthwith.
Raza Rabbani said no overt or covert operations inside Pakistan shall be committed.

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