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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Power Hungry Generals In Turkey Have Been Hand Cuffed

Justice and Development party of Turkey, ruling for the last 10 years has started a new campaign to the make country a complete democratic state. While, its opponents are hindering way through different tactics. Since the Justice party came into power it is blocking all the ways through which generals had been passing to capture power. Similarly, Justice party is smashing the building of entire system where the basic rights of the people were snatched in the name secularism. As girls were not admitted to government educational institutions if they cover their heads with scarfs. Justice party has made this law nonfunctional.
Justice party has successfully got the bill of more reforms passed from the parliament under which the parents will be enabled to get their children admitted in Islamic Schools at the age of 10 years. Prior to this no child could get admission in Islamic Madrassas (Schools) before reaching to the age of 15 years. During the voting on reforms bill, 295 members out of 550 in the parliament voted for while only 91 casted their votes against the bill.
the opposition party secular tricks protested against the bill in and outside the parliament saying that bill aims at promoting Islamic Ideology. While People's Republican Party accused prime Minister Tayyab Urdagan of bringing the islamic minded youngsters forward through the bill. However, ruling party is of the view that this bill does not compel any body to go to Islamic schools but under the bill the children can get more time to study in these schools.
The most important event other than educational reforms is to bring the former generals in the courts of justice who ambushed the democracy in the past. It is worth mentioning that the immunity of the generals has been terminated through constitutional amendments in the 2010 referendum. Judicial case has been started during few weeks ago against general Kanaan Everen and his aide general Tasan Shahinkaya ( former air chief) on the accusation of toppling the democratic government in 1980. General Kanaan Everen sieged the power during 1983 ousting the elected government and ruled the country for 6 years. At present Kannan is of 94 while general Tasan is of 84 years of age.

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