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Friday, April 20, 2012

Former Army Generals Of Turkey Will Defend Themselves In The Court Through Video-Link

Istanbul Photos
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Both the generals did not appear in the court due to poor health last week when the hearing of case against them started in Ankara court. They may be given a chance to defend themselves through video link. Hundred of people were present outside the court at the occasion of hearing of the case. Among them the relatives of the political workers killed in tortures by the army were also present. They were carrying the photos of their loved ones. The workers of leftist party were also chanting slogans. All were demanding strict actions against the generals who attacked democracy. Prosecutor has pleaded the court to sentence both the former generals a life imprisonment. Experts say that both generals may not be sent to jail due to old age but the symbolic status of the case is very important to indicate that an establishment too strong a decade ago is losing its power.
Turkish parliament and the ruling party have requested the court to make them party in the case so that their reservations may also be heard. It is an interesting to note that during 2010, former general Kanaan Everen had said that he would commit suicide if case was started against him in the court. He also said that he saved the country from civil war.
Last year when Justice party again came into power after winning the election, many people rightly guessed that now Tayyab Urdgan will take bigger steps. Being permitted constitutionally to start cases against retired generals was of course, a most important turn in the history of Turkey. It could not be imagined that army general would be brought to justice, before the Justice party took power. As earlier only politicians had to face cases in the courts.
On other side, a case against 250 persons including some army officials and people belonging to other sects of the society accused of rebellious conspiracy, is in the final stage. Prosecution has submitted its final opinion, after which under Turkish judicial system the verdict has to come within days. Some experts are also criticizing the Turkish judicial system for delaying the decisions on some important cases. as decision about writing of a memorandum against the government in 2003 by army chief general Yasir Boyo Kant, is still awaited, though he has acknowledged the writing of memo.

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