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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Siachin Glacier--- The World's Highest Battlefield

Siachin glacier was discovered during 1907. Its meaning in "Balti" language is "Black Rose" or "Wild Rose".It is the longest glacier out side the poles in the world. There is no human settlement on this 75 kilometer long and 4.6 kilometer wide glacier. But, it has gained fame as the world's highest war zone since 1983. Siachin Glacier begins from Andora Kole Pass situated on the Pak-China border in the south east and 70 kilometers away from the world's second highest peak K-2 (local name Chhogori).From here it goes along the Saltoro Ridge toward Laddakh where near a small village Zinger Lama in Occupied Kashmir it turns into river Nabra. Saltoro Pass is also known as Bela Fondla meaning "Pass of Butterflies"
Siachin Conflict between Pakistan and India is the part of Kashmir Dispute. There is no ambiguity regarding Kashmir on Line of Control between Pakistan and India. But, here is a point on the control line called Grid Point "N-J 9842" ahead of which it is very difficult to determine the line of control as the area is full of cut and spaced glaciers. It was decided in Karachi Pact on July 27, 1949 about the northern areas of Kashmir that line of control will go straight Kheor toward north up to last known point.
At present India is occupying the highest points of Siachin, therefore it has superiority in the war situation. Because Indian military suddenly forwarded and occupied the top sites of glaciers before it was known to Pakistan. It is the old routine of India since the day of Independence that it damages Pakistan whenever it gets chance. Now the position is that neither Pakistani army can defeat Indian forces reaching to the top nor Indian forces can attack Pakistan army due to impossibility of coming down. India this time is holding nearly whole of the glacier and 3 highest passes are in its occupation. In the past Pakistan was holding key Olong ( Key Ong Pass) due to which Pakistan could keep vigilance on a branch of river Nebra the Ong, valleys of river Nebra and the only access route of India to Lah. Now Pakistan has the occupation of glacier valley 5 kilometers from Kay Olong La and from here it can keep an eye on the Indian access to La.

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