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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pakistan Tried Several Times To Get India Out Of Siachin But In Vain

The important attempt to expel Indian forces from Siachin was done in 1987, by Parvez Musharraf ( Afterward COAS and President). The attack was led by Elite Commando Force of SSG. The basic idea behind the attack was to occupy Bela Fond La and bloody fight occurred but Pakistan failed in getting its objectives and situation remained the same. Afterward, Kargil and Durras military operations were also carried out when Parvez Musharraf was the army chief and Nawaz Sharif was the prime minster. If this attempt would have succeeded, India would have vacated not only Siachin but its grip on Kashmir would have weakened too. But this attempt of Pakistan also failed.
All the troubles Pakistan is facing in Siachin are rooted to Kashmir issue. We have weakened ourselves on the Kashmir conflict and are pushed to the wall. On other side head of PML (N) Nawaz Sharif says Pakistan should withdraw its forces from Siachin before India does so, would this step be logical? What India has been doing with Pakistan on Kashmir issue and does Indian past attitude permits to take the risk?
Let us have a look at the facts that are in line with the Pakistan's stance on Siachin issue. Famous American journalist Martin A. Nigarman wrote in his book on Siachin " Siachin- War above the clouds" that a research team of Imperial College London wanted to conduct study on Siachin and they sought permission from Pakistan in 1957. Moreover, Australian team in 1981 and Japanese research teams during 1962, 1975 and 1976 entered in the area after getting permission from Pakistani authorities. Similarly, the international journals of mountaineering when mention the official authority of these areas, they give the name of Pakistan.
Similarly, in the the maps published from the USA and Britain like Britannica Atlas, National Geographic Society Atlas of the World,The Times Atlas of the World and Chicago Historical Atlas of South Asia, line of control is shown straight from Grid Point 9842 to north east upto Karakorum Pass and thus Siachin Glacier clearly comes within the territory of Pakistan. Moreover, the reports written by Sir Owoon Dickson have been included in the book published in 1958 " Essential Documents and Notes in the Kashmir Dispute" authored by P.L. Lakhan Pal, the book written by Indian Defense Analyst Ravi Raikhay "The Fourth round: Indo-Pak 1984" and another important book authored by retired Lieutenant general K.P. Kandeth The Western Front: Indo-Pakistan War 1971 all maps given in the books indicate Siachin Glacier as a part of Pakistan.

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