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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Avalanche Buries 135 Pakistani Soldiers And Civilians At Siachin

Pakistani and Indian military are facing each other on the highest battlefield of the world since 1984. It was no man's land prior to this. Peaks of Siachin were not war zone, only soldiers of both side used to sit on the peaks surveillance. It happened so that Pakistani soldiers were climbing the peak to the post for routine petrolling that Indian soldiers fired on them. Since then the most costly war front of the world is continued. Millions of rupees are spent daily to keep the soldiers alive. It has been known after probe that India under a planned program kept its soldiers more than 21 days on the peak as as agreed between both the countries and attacked Pakistani soldiers going for duty toward post.
Gyari sector is a base camp on Siachin and the ice of the glacier there is not the common ice but it is stronger than steel. It needs a boiling point temperature for melting.
Glaciers are there for centuries on the Siachin peaks. A few persons can live in the check posts as the peaks are pointing and very little space is found to sit even.Yousuf check post on the glacier is the most dangerous post, only 4-5 soldiers can live in an "Iglo" ( the cell made up of ice). Gyary sector is at a height of 13500 feet, while Yousuf check post is at a height of 21000 feet.
Oxygen is not available on that much height, if one stays more than 21 days at height like this, brain and lungs are filled with water, one does not feel like eating and for excretion one has to hang with the rope. Fire can not be lit there and special type of lanterns are used for kerosene oil to have light. Tins food can be used and special kind of shoes and jackets are worn.
Army team and foreign rescue teams are busy round the clock to rescue and search for the buries persons under the avalanche. Ground penetrating radar team is also busy in identifying the sites for excavation. We Pakistanis pray for the safety of our brave soldiers. We pay rich attributes to our courageous army me. May Allah keep them safe and miracle may occur that all be found safe and alive. Ameen

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