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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Morocoo Is Successfully On The Way To Democracy From Dictatorship

Morocco is not like before. It is changing. Since the Islamic Movement Justice and Development party came into power, some basic changes are being brought out in the country. Firstly, due to the efforts of prime minister Abdullah Bin Keran, the feudalism that had hallowed the roots of the country is being weakened. Secondly, developmental projects are swiftly underway. Net work of roads is being laid. Double-decker trains are being introduced that will provide latest and better communication facilities to the masses. Thirdly, the the largest sea port in the Mediterranean is being expanded and its importance is known to every citizen.
In the African continent the 5th biggest economy is that of Morocco after South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria and Algiers. If North Africa is kept in view then second biggest economy belongs to Morocco after Tunisia.In the past the country has been the ally of the United States on one side while on other it has been the center of European tourists too.
Though Morocco had not been suffering from chronic problem of poverty as were prevailing in Egypt and Tunisia but the the revolutionary movements started in the Arab World also affected Morocco.
The king V of Morocco himself decided to implement political reforms and he handed over more powers than before to prime minster and the parliament also gave legislative powers to parliament, however, the king kept defense, security and religious portfolios with himself. In the country that remained under the longest kingdom in the Arab World, Justice Party won the majority in the elections held in November last year. Justice party defeated the Moroccan king backed alliance by winning 107 out of 395 seats in the parliament.
Taking over the power, the Justice Party started taking all those measures that could change the political scenario of the country. The major change it had to bring was to end the luxuriant life style of the ruling class. To get rid of the heavy burden on the national economy it was necessary to adopt measures of austerity. Prime minister himself is demonstrating an example of simple life style. He is not allowing his administration to get benefit from national exchequer illegally. Prime minister refused to live in PM Palace but preferred to live in his own house. He is the first PM of the world who has only two official deployed on his security. He is not in favor of holding cabinet meetings in his office but he goes to any restaurant and performs his official business from that place, plans and prepares strategies to run the government work. Abdullah Bin Keran neither himself uses government vehicle nor allows any minister to use it. All the ministers travel in trains with common people. ( This is the Islamic way of running government, A lesson for Pakistani ministers and VIP's.).

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