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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Israel May Opt For Any One Of The 4 Routes To Attack Iran

Israel has 4 routes to follow when it decides to attack on Iranian atomic installations. But, each of the route has some limitations. Now, Israel is thinking which route it may follow to attack successfully, spend minimum fuel, easy to refuel tanks and have safe return back.
The third route Israeli planes can fly through to Iran is southern route which is over the Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has no diplomatic relations with Israel and Saudis have reservations on Iran's atomic program but it would never allow Israel to attack a Muslim country Iran using its aerial territory. Saudi Air Force has latest fighter jets like F-15, typhone, tornado and it is easy to stop Israeli planes on violation of its borders.
Another and fourth path that Israel can use is very lengthy. Israeli planes can cross flying over red sea and Arabian sea to reach Iran. It will further complicate Israel's mission. However, if Israel could not find any other way it can use this long route.
Israel has 400 fighter war planes, one of the important fighter among these is F-15 E strike eagle fighter. This fighter can carry American made 2.2 tonnes heavy bunker buster bombs and Israel has 25 such fighters. Among other war planes include F-15 eagle and F-16. These planes are used for carrying out bombardment, Fighting air war and guarding the fighters.
According to experts Israel will have to fly at least 150 planes for attacking Iran. Fifty to sixty planes will be used for the security of the fighters, others will act as fuel carriers and air defense.
Israelis will carry out traditional air strikes on Fordu, Natans and other important Iranian atomic installations with bombers and guided missiles.Similarly, Israelis will make the drones fly too to take the guided missiles to the targets correctly.Drones will be equipped with electronic apparatuses. The enrichments plants of Fordu and Natanz will be targeted with bunker buster bombs specially.
(To Be Continued)

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