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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mosuo Tribe Of China Where Women Are The Rulers

Moso tribe has been living in the Yunan and Sachwan provinces of China for centuries, these provinces are adjacent to the Tibetian territory. Settled on the bank of Loko Lake in the north western area of China, the tribe consists of population of 40-50 thousand people. Traditionally in the Moso tribe the inherited property is the right of women only, women dominate all the activities that are specifically for men in other societies of the world like working in the fields, performing all the household activities while men only do the minor jobs of homes. Women are mentally and physically ruling the men.
One of the reasons of fame of the Mosuo tribe is the custom of their marriages. Mosuo people do not marry in a traditional way. The Mosuo woman does not go to husband's/partner's home but husband has to come to wife's home for spending night with her. The arrival of husband to wife's home is kept secret, therefore husband comes in the late night hours in the darkness to wife's home and he leaves early in the morning. Such marriages are called "Walking Marriages". The Moso people do not promise women to love her and spend whole life together. They spend night till they like each other. The family of the woman has to agree for the marriage. Moso woman keeps one man at a time, however she can change companion when ever she like. But, majority of the Mosuo women keep one man for long time. There are some women who spent whole life with one man. Anthropologists term Mosuo society as Serial monogamous society. This relationship continues till one of the partners wants to end it. Mostly, the woman decides how long to maintain the relationship. The children taking birth as a result of this sort of marriages are the property of women. However, father of the kids can meet the children.

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