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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bangladesh PM Could Not Digest Pakistan's Victory

How much we Pakistani love our Bangladeshi Muslim brothers PM Bangladesh does not know, many of us prayed for the success of Bangladesh, we are too sensitive while playing against India, but if Bangladesh would have won , we would have been as happy as we are on our win. An accusation like this on the part of personality of PM status does not suit. She left stadium with out distribution of trophy to the winner. Pakistani team was guests and host had to congratulate them. The attitude of Hasina Wajid was totally against the sportsperson's spirit. She must opologize to Pakistan for the words she uttered in interview against a pro-Indian daily.
Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wajid could not digest Bangladesh’s defeat at the hands of Pakistan in Asia Cup Cricket tournament and is still busy in mud throwing.
In an interview with a local daily Amardesh, the pro-Indian Bangladeshi premier went on saying that her country could win the final of Asia Cup if lovers of ISI and Pakistan didn’t come to stadium to witness the match, hinting at opposition leader Khalida Zia.
She said that traitors of the country could not feel pain of the defeat.
The prime minister said that as to why and whose directives Khalida Zia went to stadium. She said that Bangladesh lost the match due to Khalida Zia.

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