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Monday, April 30, 2012

"Magic Cube"-- The Virtual Laser Key Board

The Korean experts have developed such an apparatus for "virtual laser keyboard" that is easy to use and is compatible to nearly all the computer operating systems. The apparatus called "Magic Cube" is 38 x 75 x 20 mm in size. Magic cube basically consists of 3 parts including key board projector laser beam, optical sensor and infra red layer.All the three technologies have been gathered in a smaller device te magic cube.
From the infra red ray getting out of the lower portion of the magic cube, that layer is formed on which the reflection of "Standard QWERTY Key Board" is obtained due to the laser ray or beam that comes out of upper portion of the cube. While, switching the magic cube on , due to optical fiber installed in the middle of cube the layer constituted by infra red when is touched by the user, the reflection of laser of key board flashes immediately. The complete reflection of laser key board obtained on any non transparent surface can easily be used on desk top computer, lap top, note book, iPhone, iPad, Smartphone, Palm top, tablet PC (PDA), and personal digital assistant , through blue tooth technology.
Invented by the Celluon company, the specific quality of laser key board is the it can be used in darkness too, because of infra red rays. When typing by the laser key board it does sound as by the common key board. Costing $170, virtual key board has the facility of virtual mouse also. The battery of cube using a smaller place is made up of lithium polymer.
According to experts magic cube can be connected to all the present and latest operating systems like Apple,IOS-4, Apple Mack 10.4, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Phone-7, Google-2, and Android.

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